“Resolution of old issues”

I am very grateful for this session of soul retrieval. It has confirmed something in me in a very physical and inspirational way.  I was looked after gently and felt safe throughout, coming away with resolution of the old issues, and a light to follow to help guide me in each day and into the future.

- Annette



Reconnecting on an elemental level

“I didn’t need to leave Hackney to experience a soul retrieval and an illumination to release negative patterns with shamanic healer Cat Stevens. It felt as if she channeled the healing powers of the earth to bring in what I needed to nurture. Despite the apparent magic she performs, Cat has a matter of fact quality that makes what she does feel very accessible. At her sacred fire ceremonies, she creates a therapeutic group, which results in empowering and reconnecting on an elemental level. I am now looking forward to a much-needed spiritual house clearing, which I suggest most of the houses in London could benefit from.”

- Yoga Magazine, December 2016

"Helping me find my way out of crisis."

I had the good fortune of being introduced to Cat through a mutual acquaintance and so when a physical and emotional crisis hit me early this year that left me totally debilitated I had a few very timely sessions with Cat. Her gentle and effective methods were just what I needed as an introduction to this healing modality, which then allowed me to have some very profound and interesting results. Cat is top of my list when I make a recommendation to anyone who is seeking this type of healing or is interested in trying it for the first time. I can’t thank her enough for helping me find my way out of my crisis. 

- Luisa Di Lallo

“A pivotal turning point in my journey.”

Cat’s healing session was not only deeply relaxing but profound. I've had a million different types of healing and my mother is also a powerful healer but the past-life illumination she held and expertly guided me through stood out as a pivotal turning point in my journey. I look forward to working with her again.

- Bert

“Healing that both empowers and nurtures.”

Cat has a down to earth yet very powerful approach to healing that both empowers and nurtures. She has an ability to connect that is unique and rare. Cat also has a way of incorporating solutions and practices into everyday life. This means that the reach of the session goes way beyond its boundaries, with its effects deep and long lasting.

- Jane

"A nurturing and supported environment"

Cat has a unique talent in holding space offering a nurturing and supported environment as she works with love and spirit.

- James

“It has been life changing”

I find Cat to have such a calm and warming personality. She’s a great listener, so well in tune with everything and so accurate.  I am so pleased with the results following the healing session I had with her, it has been life changing and I feel that I am now on the right path for my life. Thank you Cat. 

- Lydia

“A safe, comfortable and nurturing space for healing”

Cat is a humble, compassionate and gifted healer. After my first session, I felt a powerful shift in myself and in the quality of my life.  I have been able to release tension, let go of the past and am moving forward with clarity and deep inner peace.  Cat provides a safe, comfortable and nurturing space for healing and growth and I am very grateful to be working with her.

- Debs

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