The Sacred Fire Ceremony

The Sacred Fire brings us into alignment with our intent whilst offering gratitude to Mother Earth, who receives our prayers and manifests them into physical reality. The fire ceremony disentangles us from our past stories and brings us closer to the place of healing, to enable deep transformations to take place in our lives. The spirit of the fire draws us into its gentle and deep meditative state allowing our spirit, heart space and energetic wisdom to come into balance. 



The fire ceremonies are held on full and new moons and equinoxes. 

Please let me know if you would like to be kept informed of when they are next being held. 


There is no charge for the fire ceremony. 

You will be asked to bring some food to share afterwards. 

Donations of firewood are accepted. 


"Thank you so much... for holding such beautiful and powerful ceremonies" 

After the beautiful Sacred New Moon Fire Ceremony, where the spirits of nature have been invoked, for the first time in my life I had a lucid dream. It was a bit unsettling, as I found myself on unknown territory. However, if felt like I'd just opened my psychic abilities, I learnt to fly, and I was aware that I can create whatever I choose. I value that experience very much, and I hope that it's the first of many. In future I'll be more ''at home'' in that space. Thank you so much for facilitating this amazing experience, for holding such beautiful and powerful ceremonies.

- Dana


Come warm your hands by our fires