Cat’s shamanic healing practice as a mesa carrier of the Q’ero lineages is founded in her medicine wheel training with Maestra Skie Hummingbird and it is also informed by her own journey to health and balance after recovering from illness.

Cat has been attuned to Rahanni Celestial Healing energy by its founder Carol Stacey and now enjoys working as a practitioner of this healing modality.

Cat is a keeper of the 9 Munay Ki Rites: The Munay-Ki are the traditional nine rites of initiation into the shamanic lineage of the Qero shamans of the high Andes of Peru. They heal us and transform the human energy field into that of homo luminous, a transcended light being.

Cat is a womb keeper of the 13th Munay Ki Rite: The Rite of the Womb, an energetic transmission that originates from a lineage of women from the jungles of Peru to bring healing to us as individuals and to Mother Earth.

Cat has worked with both Amazonian Shamans deep in the Peruvian Rainforest as well as Q'ero Indians high up on the Peruvian Apus (mountains). 

Cat also has experience of working with plant spirit medicines to assist people through their deep healing process.

Deeply sensitive and compassionate, Cat helps to release any energy blockages and empowers her clients to connect to their inner wisdom so that emotional, physical and spiritual healing can take place. Her clients often report leaving a session with a deep sense of inner peace and calm and feeling reconnected to their true nature.

My Story

My journey through life has taught me that to live in harmony with nature is the key to happiness.

As a healer and a visual artist, I have seen and felt energy around me since I was a child. I've been very fortunate to be able to channel my creativity into my work as a photographer, and came to shamanic healing as a result of overcoming challenging times and illness in my own life. Feelings of disconnection and isolation were often rooted in self-destructive behavioural and relationship patterns and stemmed from feeling disconnected from spirit. I have found from experience in working on myself and with others that shamanic healing is a beautiful, life-affirming way of regaining power and I now enjoy living a happy and balanced life. 

I am answering the call to work with spirit to bring healing to others. I'm passionate about empowering others by helping them to reconnect to their true nature and to come back to feeling whole again.

I love guiding people through this process of deep transformation so that they can reconnect to and be lead by their own inner wisdom. It’s wonderful to see people return to their strength and reclaim their vital energy. 

- Akicita Blue Wakinyan